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X2Channel Services


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IRC Channel #Evilnet on (Java)

X2 is a complete Channel and Oper services program for Nefarious or undernet ircd based based IRC networks. X2 provides a "bot" for users channels, which maintains a userlist for each channel. The provided bot can give itself channel ops and is un-kickable, ending channel takeovers. Its designed for use in non-nickserv enviornments, making use of channel spesific login/password scheme to identify users. It also provides G-Line services, automated network routing, and insecure wingate checking.



  • One bot nick with integrated channel and oper services
  • Simple, easy to use help system
  • Well commented code is easy to extend
  • Simple text data files
  • Channel specific accounts
  • Some VERY basic clone/drone detection features


X2 has been in use on AfterNET for years and is rock stable. Download X2 5.2. Update: X2 has been replaced on AfterNET with X3, which you might check out as a more modern alternative.

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